Ways to Dress Your Wedding Dog

Dress Your Wedding Dog

It is your big day. Well congratulations are in order. Naturally, you will want your close friends and family to be there for you. You will want be with every single person you love. Okay so it happens that your best friend is a big furry friend, your dog? Will you have to leave him out of the whole thing? Certainly not. Because of this, you have to find him the best outfit. Do not take him for the wedding pain as he is. Let him blend into the whole ceremony.

There are several ways that you can dress him for him to fit perfectly into the whole thing. Let him be groomed and pampered too.

dog in tuxedo


You can decide to dress him in a dog tuxedo. Reflect the same type of tuxedos the grooms will be dressed in on the dog for uniformity. If it’s a she, then you can a small piece of the bride maids’ dresses on her such as a small skirt. This will help her blend into the bridal part. Well if you do not want to do this, then you can do the very simple tie without much. This is simple and straight forward and will be just as elegant.

Floral arrangement

Consider using a portion of the floral arrangement as a sort of tie or neck band for him or her. Use a little part of the wedding décor as a collar. Do not use too much that may be an irritation or a weight to them. When making the floral arrangements, remind your florists to also make the floral collar for the dog.

Jeweled collar

Get a jewelry such as a neck band or necklace. For the she-dogs, you can use a pearl necklace. This can be in the same shade as the floral arrangement or the bride maids dress color. For the he-dogs, you can use a gold chain or any other manly chain and use it the collar for the ceremony. Though don’t chose something that is very heavy that may weigh them down.

Ring pillow

This is another way of having your dog in the ceremony. Have the ring pillow tied to their back and have the dog walk down the aisle just before the bride walks in.

The leash

Buy your dog another leash for the ceremony. This should be a very stylish. Let the leash hold some floral arrangement from either the floral arrangement in the ceremony or even something similar to the bride’s dress. Let that be the leash used the whole day. Let the leash bring some sparkle with it.

Floral crown

Well now let your guest be wowed by just how cute your dog looks. Instead of a collar now make a small crown for the. Let them be royalty besides you on your big day. You can either buy one or have your florist make the crown. Let it match your elegant and very fabulous floral arrangement or some floral arrangement on the bride’s dress.

Let the ceremony be a memorable one for both you and your dog.